SPVH Workshop II
“The Road to Environmental Justice”

May 28-29, 2015
MSU Zagreb, Školica
speakers/schedule: Workshop II Guide

David Smithson
workshop introduction / SPVH Project update

Gordan Cmrečki, architect - ORaH

Does Croatia have a sustainable future? - possibilities and obstacles.
Dr. Miljenko Haiman, structural engineer
Wood as the “New concrete” in building structures.
Marina Zajec, architect
‘Green’ insulation materials -
analysis and life cycle assessment of the building materials for the SPVH pavilion.

Dr. René Mono, political analyst (canceled due to illness)
The call for a redefinition of social justice in the energy market.

workshop 2
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With this second workshop in the SPVH Workshop Series, we continue looking for essential answers to the climate question, as we proceed with the SPVH Pavilion design. Clearly the necessary technological resources already exist to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, implying that the main battleground is primarily a political one. On the one hand, it seems almost every business is already "sustainable", and on the other hand, far too few structural changes have taken effect. The "Energiewende" in Germany is faltering, and the EU appears further from rather than closer to any unified and coordinated vision which might effectively lead to improvements. This brings several questions to mind; With the low price of oil, will an effective carbon tax finally be implemented, thereby grounding environmental justice in a constitutional structure? Are the existing institutions - local, pan-European and global - equipped to affect the necessary changes or are they terminally hand-cuffed by special interests and conflicts of interest?
During the two workshop days in the Školica educational spaces at the MSU, our speaker presentations will cover: 1) recent initiatives emerging from the stalling "Energiewende" in Germany, 2) energy issues and developments at the Croatian and EU institutional levels, 3) the superlative qualities of wood as a building material, 4) analysis and life cycle assessment of materials for the SPVH Pavilion.

Both workshop days are open to the public and will include time for questions and plenary discussions. In the morning on Day 2 participants will have the opportunity to present projects or issues (announced during registration) for inclusion in the discussion. In the afternoon on Day 2 a panel discussion - Carbon Tax Now! (and if not, why?) - will look at the larger picture of finally implementing a carbon tax.

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workshop 2
SPVH Workshop II speakers and participants, 28.05.2015

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