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Hook in Repose / il gancio sganciato

black granite
200 x 75 x 160 cm

installation site:

Henraux S.p.A., Querceta 2001-2023 (courtesy of the artist)

Hook in Repose / il gancio sganciato


After the production of many sculptural hooks in a mid-sized format, which in turn protruded from the walls, Hook in Repose acquired its own new meaning. This unhooked hook (il gancio sganciato) evolved as a sculptural image through a transformation from the abstract 2-dimensional realm into the 3-dimensional; the nail or hook holding a painting/photograph then takes center stage, rather than the supported image, thus re-entering the spatial. Within this functional realm, the implication of the hook as a carrier and holder becomes important, suggesting dependence in the context of one’s own self-development, clouded by one's habits, and for the moment, taking a little break.

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