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metal, wood, plexiglass, photovoltaic cells, electronics

67 x 42 x 30 cm

photomontage (proposal for installations in public space), 2012

exhibition venues:

MSU, Zagreb, 2018

proposal for installations in public space, photomontage, 2012

Solar Powered Watchdog - model


A sculpture of a sitting life-size German shepherd rests on the ground next to a steel pole supporting a solar panel, reminiscent of an off-grid solar powered parking ticket machine. In fact, the sculpture is a light box, and when a passer-by approaches, the dog image lights up, barking viciously, then commenting and asking questions to signal imminent danger. This artwork is a subtle warning about global warming and the urgent need for society's transition to renewable energies. S. P. Watchdog also recalls the story "Silver Blaze" from the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the dog who did not bark, refering specifically to the lack of serious alarm in the news media and political structures concerning climate change, which in turn betrays the closeness of major media outlets and far too many politicians, to the multi-nationals, who are the biggest perpetrators of global warming.

This barking and talking dog’s current selection of comments and questions include:

- Hello, remember me? I’m the dog who didn’t bark!
- I looked for unity, but found impunity.
- In the meantime we have glyphosate for another five years.
- And did you hear about the radium girls?
-Is passive-aggressive inefficiency becoming fashion- able?
- "It’s the economy, stupid!" *

* Famous quote by Former President Bill Clinton.

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