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Icescape Composition II
24 printed ceramic tiles on wood
159 x 163 cm


Icescape Composition II  (detail)

exhibition venues:
Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal, 1998
de Watertoren, Vlissingen, The Netherlands, 1997

Icescape Composition I & II


In 1996, having already multiplied the cloud image into configurations of sky tiles, I began multiplying combinations of other background images and related veils to generate new patterns that still alluded to the original image but also lost themselves in kaleidoscopic effects, structures with ever expanding associations. In Icescape Composition I & II, rather than technoglyphs, the veil consists of a swarm of mosquitos superimposed over a frozen, albeit melting, sea landscape.


The resulting patterns suggest progress and growth, symmetries representing balance, harmony, invoking meditation and self-reflection. This relentless mirroring of the respective layers and contents, juxtaposing elements from the environment with the technology used in the actual production, invite us to examine them more critically, and contemplate the current mesmerizing cul-de-sac of our own making, the onset of global warming…and posing the question, how do we get out of this one? 

Icescape Composition I

Icescape Composition I
4 printed ceramic tiles on wood

29 x 166 cm

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