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Part I - Double-headed match
wood, bronze
15 x 114 x 14 cm

Part II - Portrait of a thought
pigmented plaster, bronze
46 x 74 x 29 cm

exhibition venue, images 1-2:

Henraux, Querceta, 1993

exhibition venue, images 3-4:

Aleph, Almere, 1992

Minimalist Vacation


Portrait of a thought, a pigmented plaster head the color of strawberry ice cream, with emerald green bronze match heads for eyes, and Double-headed match, an oversized wooden matchstick with emerald green match heads on each end, supported by two bronze hooks, comprise this wall-mounted sculpture in two parts. This artwork plays with the relationship between an idea and that idea becoming a physical object, in this case a sculpture. Wanting to show how a thought might begin to take shape, f. ex., in the head of a person, then giving birth to that thought in the symbolic form of an entropically laden object, a double-headed match waiting for its chance, together they quietly celebrate a minimalist vacation.

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