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monochromed welded steel
9,5 x 5,0 x 3,3 m

exhibition sites:
Esplanade, Eindhoven, 1991
De watertoren, Vlissingen, 1994 - 1995
City of Vlissingen, 1996 - 2023

Tower of Impeccable Notes

1991 - 1992

The Tower of Impeccable Notes, was conceived as part of the tower project “Torenhoog” organized in Eindhoven in Holland in 1991. The project concept interpreted towers historically as a status symbol, as is in fact the case all over Italy, but particularly so in San Gimignano near Siena in Tuscany.  In this small hilltop village, as merchant families increased their wealth, it was fashionable to express this by building a tower as an addition to their dwelling or villa. In times of strife when civility and diplomacy broke down, of which even during the Rennaisance there were plenty, the inhabitants would inevitably start shooting at each other from their towers. These historical factors and social tensions were the inspiration for my tower, constructed as an example of process in motion,  actually being built by climbing on itself to the top of itself (without a crane), where the final image was also a testament to the folly at hand, the perils of vanity becoming concrete, or steel in this case.  This implies, of course, that the finished tower can be safely climbed, a sculpture as architecture. 

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