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River study

slide-collage C-print
59 x 86 cm

River Study


In another slide-collage, the windows from my living room in Pietrasanta, this time including a marble-topped writing desk, frame an early morning view of the Mosel during the grape harvest, blanketed by a low-hanging fog. On the left, a red filtered view of my street in Pietrasanta can be seen. Having recently visited the Museum of Natural History in Prague with my geologist father, and having observed their exceptional collection of mineral crystals, including the only example of Smithsonite I have ever seen, this greenish slide cut-out on the right-hand side discloses our time together there, as well as at the grape harvest, and doubles as my signature for this collage. The entire composition is framed by a fourth layer, the film perforations along the slide edges, giving the illusion of sitting in front of a cosmetic mirror in a dressing room, rather than at a writing desk in a study.

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