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galvanized steel and rubber
41 x 130 x 41 cm

exhibition venues:

Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne, 2004

a snowy sidewalk in Cologne, 2001

Portable Pedestal


A tiny drawing from my sketchbook, ink on paper, from 1992 was the inspiration for this sculpture, produced almost a decade later. In the meantime, after beginning the hook and pedestal series, the elements in the drawing were simplified to the wheels, the pedestal, and a curved handle mounted on top. This handle doubles as the object being displayed on the pedestal - justifying its artistic usefulness - and for the collector to both pull the pedestal along on his/her way home, and also to support the pedestal in a horizontal position, making a bench for the new owner to rest and enjoy the view on his/her way to his/her final destination.

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