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November 16, 1993
November 16, 1993

ceramic tiles on masonry wall
80 x 190 cm

private residence, Pietrasanta

Intro:  Mass-produced images...

During the early 1990's, in the aftermath of the cold war, consumers were being overwhelmed by a flood of new products and technologies. This was directly connected to the military industrial complex replacing their weapons commerce with other technological applications which could be fed to the masses, opening new markets. Seeing this unfolding, I felt a need to incorporate these influences into the «finished product» of my images, somewhat like an invisible magnetic field giving presence to itself in a self-portrait. To this end, a small hand drawn printed circuit was composed and multiplied ad infinitum into a veil of «technoglyphs». This endless printed circuit pattern emerged as a poignant symbol, a sign of the times and hieroglyphic of the 20th century, which mirrored what was already happening with the early stages of the .com boom, paralleled by globalization evolving into a concept.


These veils of technoglyphs were then applied to my artworks, ceramic tiles becoming techno-tiles, and when applied over skies and images of clouds, sky-tiles. Covering the surfaces of sculptures with the basic forms of hooks, pedestals and obelisks, a series of sculptures emerged, first in wood and paper, then ceramic and bronze.

November 16, 1993


The first application of techno­-tiles was installed in a private residence in Pietrasanta, Italy, re-creating a newspaper image of the global stock market indexes over the last six months from November 16, 1993. The red line represents the Asian markets, blue is Europe, white is the Dow Jones, and the edge between the technoglyphs and white tiles is the global composite. 

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