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143 x 154 x 35 cm

exhibition venue:
European Ceramic Work Centre 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 1999

Millenium Macaroni Sequel


An invitation for a second work period at the European Ceramic Work Center was extended to me on very short notice. Initially I had no concrete work plan, which allowed me to continue developing several ongoing projects, and at the same time to experiment more freely with autonomous works. Being intrigued by the clay extruding equipment available at the centre, I set to work mass-producing a layered perforated barrier as a vertical structure, a stacked noodle wall, which also had a vibrant presence when displayed flat on the ground. Somehow, both results emanated a flippant, subversive gesture. It being the fall of 1999, as the new millennium was creeping up on us, with all the blazing superficial, commercialised hype that was being generated, this ironic vibration was my answer, my echo to the times.

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